Youth Conscious Magazine is an online magazine which is organized on local, national and international level (advantages of online presence).

The magazine is tasked by highly tasked and driven college and university students (UJ, DUT, UKZN and MGI) with the ambitions of uplifting the south african youth. Students studying graphics, jounalism, Politics, political sciences, music etc. The magazine focuses on student accomodation information, music news and blogs, sport news and blogs, politics news and blogs (focused on youth), Health and Fitness, Fashion News and blogs, art and culture news and blogs, technology and science news and blogs, internship information, bursary information. The magazine is by the youth for the use of the youth as the name says, and the target market is young people.

The public don't have to register but simply access the information. The magazine aims to work with a number of private colleges as we already in a process of working with damelin and hopefully to get more like VC, Boston, CTI. The whole point of YCM is to bring and support conscious thinkers, ideas and artists such as conscious rappers, fashion designers, poets, NGO's, Colleges etc..